"Life is the result of a fascinating mathematical equation: the love and the passion that we put into living, will sooner or later come back to us"

Alfonso Vitaletti

Our secret

A workplace that ensures a positive and participatory atmosphere ensures a better quality of life for all employees.

Being calm and satisfied with what we accomplish every day is the real secret that allows the Company to improve itself every day.

Our Card of Values
Our Code of Ethics

Our supply chain

After careful research of the best varieties of raw materials we use, we select with care and dedication the best suppliers in the area of ​​the world that is more suited to the production of that product.

Every supplier we choose is subjected to very stringent checks.

All our suppliers must have a very advanced quality system that can guarantee us to meet our high quality standards.

Before each entry into the company, a representative sample of each raw material is carefully analyzed. Only after having ascertained that such a product is in line with our quality standards can it be used for our production activity.

Our goal is to better satisfy the palate of our consumers, without renouncing the safety of a product subjected to the strictest controls.


We believe in the power of relationships. Dialogue and cooperation are the basis for creating opportunities for the Company and for all its stakeholders. The latter are configured as bearers of social, economic, human and professional expectations towards the Company. By strengthening relationships of trust and collaboration with stakeholders, we can pursue and achieve the goals of sustainable and shared development that we have set ourselves to meet.

Italpepe has developed an integrated approach to environmental management. Monitoring the expectations of each of the stakeholders represents a great opportunity for the Company to refine its activities. For this reason, the Company is fielding a series of investments to improve communication and gather feedback from its stakeholders. This will allow us to improve and propose products that are more and more up to our customers' expectations.

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