Our Story

From Alfonso’s dream
to family business.

Our story begins in Rome in 1969 and continues across three generations.

Today as always, the eyes of our founder and current president Alfonso Vitaletti shine with the same motivation and enthusiasm as when, as a very young man, he first had the idea of putting pepper in our classic plastic shaker. They’re the eyes of a dreamer who – even after 50 years in business – sees his project constantly evolving. A family firm devoted to continuous innovation, experimentation and growth in skills and value.

To mark our 50th anniversary in 2019, and to give our story continuity, we inaugurated the Italpepe historical archive and presented the biography of our founder Alfonso.

More than 50 years…

and the story continues

Our story is made up of many small but important pieces, which year after year have given us the strength to persevere in our family dream to “create excitement at the table every day for our consumers, with a new concept of spices“.

Italpepe was born in Rome on 20 September 1969. Discover the story...

Italpepe was born in Rome on 20 September 1969, fruit of the passion and courage of Alfonso Vitaletti.

Alfonso had found a career as a skilled salesman for a well-known brand, when one day he saw a supply of pepper being delivered to a Roman grocery shop. That day sparked his curiosity in this precious powder, which women were buying by the gramme. He began thinking deeply about this product that had fascinated and captivated him on an ordinary working day, and he had an unusual idea which would later make his fortune: sell pepper in convenient small shakers, so that it could be sprinkled directly onto food.

Initially, Alfonso made his product at the end of his working day, in a small workshop at his house in Rome. He was so proud and passionate about his project that he began carrying his original dispensers in his pockets at all times. Any occasion was an opportunity to pitch his product.

The original packaging was highly successful, and Alfonso realised it was time to expand his offer. Then came the sachets: a selection of spices that were difficult to find on the market.

Seeing the success of his plastic pepper shaker, Alfonso decided the time had come to give it greater prestige and practicality by turning it into a glass jar. He designed his spice jar, and toured northern Italy with the technical drawings, seeking a glass company to manufacture it. He chose a glassworks in Castel Maggiore (Bologna), which he trusted, and a fruitful working relationship ensued. In 1976 Italpepe began selling its spices in the distinctive glass jar, still used today.

The company’s product range was growing fast, and Italpepe was on every table in the centre and south of Italy. It needed a factory that could meet the demand: in 1989 the first production site was opened in Albano Laziale.

Alfonso was always extremely aware of the needs and expectations of consumers, and in 1995 he realised it was time to devote an entire product line to the most exacting and conscientious consumers: this was the Organic line.

The business was growing and needed premises that could ensure greater production capacity. In 2014 Alfonso and his sons decided to build another factory, modern and in line with all the safety and quality standards. Today Italpepe is synonymous with excellence; it exports all over the world, holds a good share of the market and supplies many leading mass retailers.

Download the biography of Alfonso Vitaletti.

– 1969


We’re in Rome, and Alfonso Vitaletti
is buying his first Tellicherry Extra Bold.

– 1975


Alfonso designs his spice jar

– 1989


The new factory covers
3,000 square metres.

– 1995


The Vitaletti family believes in
the organic market.

– 2014


10,000 square metres of innovation, where
tradition becomes

– 2018


Superspices, partnerships with the
Niko Romito Academy and top universities
and research institutes.

– 2019


Launch of the Tasting Rainbow
project; presentation of the biography of company founder Alfonso Vitaletti and the Italpepe historical archive.

– 2020


A new way of conceiving the
product categories of spices is born.
The Vitaletti Academy is launched.

“Life is the result of
a fascinating mathematical equation:
the love and passion we put into living it
will come back to us sooner or later.

Alfonso Vitaletti

discover our


Italpepe is an Italian company that for the past 50 years has believed in the mysterious allure of spices, which add colour to our lives every day. A brand that guarantees attention to detail, sustainability and quality.

Ongoing expertise with meticulous product selection and protection of biodiversity and local specialities threatened with extinction.

Italpepe supplies major supermarkets and exports its products all over the world.