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Brazilian Black Pepper

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Pepper arrived in Brazil around the 17th century, and found ideal growing conditions. The grain is medium to large and brown in colour. The flavour is much loved in the United States, which is the main market for this pepper. It is characterised by a very pleasant mild, aromatic flavour.

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Origin of the plant


Major producers



Botanical name

Piper nigrum

Flowering period

Late spring-summer

Flower colour


Aromatic period

3-5 years after planting, when the fruits are still green

Part of the plant used


Don't waste it:

You can use this pepper to keep small animals and unwanted visitors out of your garden or vegetable plot. Its smell will deter them without harming them.

Typical <br>dishes:

Cacio e pepe, Duck breast with fruit

Blends it appears in:

Black pepper sauce for meat


Pepper arrived from India some 2,500 years ago, and was greeted enthusiastically by doctors and foodies alike. It featured in a huge number of Roman dishes, although it was sometimes replaced by the less expensive myrtle. At the time little was known about the plant, and a story spread that it was picked by monkeys, as it grew in rather inaccessible places. Pepper was a highly valued spice, and was even used by peasants to pay taxes and debts. Apparently the first person to receive this kind of payment was Alaric, king of the Visigoths, who was persuaded to give up his conquest of Rome by 3,000 pounds of pepper, plus 5,000 pounds of gold and other goods and land. Over the centuries, the constant demand for pepper dominated the spice trade, driving merchants to undertake perilous voyages to find new routes. In the nineteenth century, it was one of the four spices used when a recipe called for a pinch of spice, along with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

Fun facts:

Besides its uses in cooking, pepper has also been widely used as a preservative. This custom has left its mark in our food heritage: we often find peppercorns in salamis and other cured meats.


Where can I find it
on the shelf?

9th level
Right-hand section
Colour BROWN

What formats
are available?

How do I
store it?

Brazilian black pepper should be stored at room temperature, in a cool dry place away from the light.

Does it contain

Brazilian black pepper is naturally gluten-free.


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