Italpepe was founded in 1969 in Rome by the passion and courage of Alfonso Vitaletti.


Alfonso made his way as a seller of flavorers of a well-known international brand, when suddenly, one day he happened to see a supply of pepper being unloaded to a Roman grocery store.

That day he was really intrigued by that fine powder that women were used to buying in grams. He started thinking over and over about that product that had caught his attention and had him really fascinated during a normal working day, until he came up with an original idea which, since that moment became his fortune: selling pepper in small and comfortable plastic tubes that could sprinkle the product directly onto the food.

Initially, Alfonso packed his tubes at the end of his working day in a small, homemade laboratory housed in his Roman house. He was so proud and passionate about his product that he started carrying around one of these little tubes in his jacket pocket. Every occasion was good enough to show his product.

That original packaging was so successful that Alfonso decided that it was time to expand his offer ...

The choice to differentiate.

The sachets were born: a selection of spices that are hard to find on the market. When Alfonso, realizes the success his plastic distributor was meeting, he decided that it was time to give it greater prestige and practicality by turning it into a glass bottle. He himself designed his bottle and with his technical drawing he travelled throughout northern Italy in search of a glassmaker who was willing to produce it. He relied on Vetrosilex, a company in Castel Maggiore, (Bologna), who he learned to trust and whom he created a fruitful working collaboration with. Italpepe has been selling its spices in their characteristic glass bottle since 1976.

The assortment of spices has been in constant growth ever since and it now reaches all the dining tables of Central and Southern Italy. Consequently, the need for a production plant that would meet the growing demand for this product became pressing: in 1989 his first production plant was born in Albano Laziale.

Mr. Alfonso is always very attentive to the needs and expectations of consumers and as early as 1995 he understands that it was time to devote an entire line to the most attentive and demanding consumers: the Biological Line was then born.

The company then grows even more and needs a factory capable of even greater production capacity.

In 2014, Mr. Alfonso and his children decided to build a new modern plant that is extremely careful to safety and complies with every quality standard.

Nowadays, Italpepe stands out for their "highest quality standards", their exports all over the world and holds a good market share and is the provider of many of the great brands of large-scale retail trade.

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