Our Commitment

Italpepe works by guaranteeing the highest standards of quality, safety, hygiene and health of the product. For this reason, the work is based on the development of a HACCP self-control system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), reinforced by the application of the International Standards BRC and IFS.

For Italpepe it is important to pursue customer satisfaction through an increasingly in-depth knowledge of the clientele of reference, its propensities and its needs, both as regards the organoleptic characteristics of the product, both with regard to contractual requirements and support services to the process of supply, aware of responsibility towards customers.

Why are our products safe?

Why are our products safe?

One of Italpepe's strengths is the new production site.

Built according to the ISO 9001/2014, BRC and IFS / 2014 certification standards, it guarantees the highest level of quality and safety of the products thanks to high-tech machinery.

For each lot that the company intends to purchase, a representative sample is taken and subjected to careful analysis and checks.

A careful and meticulous work that can only be done thanks to a constructive and lasting collaboration with all suppliers.

Environmental Policy

Italpepe pursues with commitment and determination the principle of sustainability in the management of its business, in order to guarantee a development respectful of the environment and of all the parties involved.

Its commitment to the protection of the environment is realized with the careful management of the production process, ensuring the minimization of the related environmental impacts, with a timely and constant monitoring. The company carries out an effective and efficient recycling-oriented activity, has installed solar panels, rationalizes the use of paper and purchases energy produced from renewable sources.

Italpepe sensitizes, involves and empowers all its employees and suppliers on issues related to environmental sustainability, in order to contribute to the diffusion of a circular model of production and consumption.

Management has adopted an environmental policy based on the following strategic objectives:
- Prevent, control and reduce the environmental impact of the production process and risks for the community connected to it;
- To make employees, suppliers and consumers aware of the importance of preventing irreversible damage to our planet by adopting a sustainable and careful consumption model;
- Making the supply chain and distribution activities sustainable;
- Reduce as much as possible the consumption of energy from non-renewable sources;
- Digitize business processes in order to reduce paper consumption;
- To adhere to the circular economy model as much as possible: study and create packaging that can be recycled or produced with recycled materials, use recycled paper, 100% differentiate and recycle production waste, and promote initiatives aimed at encouraging creative reuse of packaging.

Research and Innovation

Thanks to the flexibility of production, Italpepe can develop innovative projects together with its customers. Together with the large-scale retail brands, it can study product lines that best suit the needs of consumers.

Italpepe constantly works on the search for new raw materials, the development of new blends, the creation of new product lines and new packaging. The goal is to satisfy in the best possible way the needs and tastes of the various targets.

Italpepe, in collaboration with the Niko Romito Academy, develops solutions and products for both the national and international markets.

The continuous research of raw materials and the continuous ambition to intercept the new trends of the Ho.re.ca market, associated with the intense and precious research activity of the starred chef Niko Romito and his Academy, allow Italpepe to provide the professionals of the catering solutions able to give a touch of refinement to any dish.


Italpepe is committed to spreading two topics that are particularly close to their hearts: healthy eating and sustainable business management. To do this, it starts from primary and secondary schools.

Educational projects

In collaboration with Slow Food, Italpepe organizes meetings in schools where it promotes nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Small lessons-event in which children can learn while having the importance of feeding healthy food into their diet.

Check out the event lessons

School-Work Alternation

Italpepe believes in the importance of spreading the values ​​of a sustainable business, especially in the area that has allowed it to grow up.

For this reason, it adheres to the Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro project by involving and "adopting" the classes of the higher institutes of the areas adjacent to the production site.

As part of these projects, the company undertakes to include children in a specific project that it intends to carry out with them.

The students will be accompanied on a journey between theoretical lessons and operational days in which they will deal with the daily problems of a company, they will understand the importance of keeping company values ​​in every choice that management makes, the importance of adapting to the market but without forgetting who you are and where you want to go.

Discover the project in collaboration with the Pablo Picasso High School of Pomezia

Cultural initiatives

"The thought that takes shape", sponsorship of the research activity on the figurative abstractionism of Roberto De Luca.

Italpepe has selected in the panorama of the emerging artists of the territory of the roman hinterland Roberto De Luca, a young pometino boy who for years has been promoting and developing a research path on Figurative Abstractionism. The company has decided to sponsor and support this project, in order to promote the dissemination of the artistic culture of this territory and to value young people who are committed to what they do and what they believe in. The paintings by Roberto De Luca will be exhibited during the Culture Week 2018, organized at national level by Confindustria, at the Italpepe production site.

With this research I want to place myself halfway between a drawing to the true and a pure abstract, to allow the observer with his thought to travel within the framework in search of the message he feels to belong to him. It is a detachment from the univocal reality of every day but preserving the forms, the colors that invite to a break to immerse themselves in these paintings, which preserve the familiarity of reality to expand it and load it with new peaceful and extreme sensations with the user who chooses whether to use it. The colors are used to rediscover the natural or artificial environment, presented festive and joyful, but without having the certainty of what it is. This is what leads to the emergence of the various unconscious of the author, of the observer and of the critic who, when confronted, load the work with new unexpected meanings.” Roberto De Luca
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