Frequently-asked questions

What does "flavour profile" mean?

Flavour profile means the sensory impact the herb or spice has on the dish. To learn more about the concept of flavour profiles, we invite you to scan the QR code on each label or visit the Tasting Rainbow page of our website.

Do your products contain gluten?
By their nature, herbs, spices and their blends do not contain gluten. What’s more, no products containing gluten are processed by our company. This means we can exclude the risk of contamination by gluten within our factory.
I bought your Smoked Salt Grinder, but after a while the product has formed clumps, making it difficult to use. Is there something I can do so I can use it anyway?
The Coarse Smoked Salt inside the grinder is smoked naturally over beech wood; as it contains no chemical substances, it is sensitive to moisture. We recommend storing it in a cool, dry place, away from light and heat sources.
I have a business and I'd like to buy your products. Who should I contact?

You can write to our sales office (, and you’ll be contacted as soon as possible by one of our representatives, who are all over the country. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone on +39 06 93 45 040.