Our Commitment

“The roots of business longevity lie in respecting and investing in the local area”

Committed to our

local area

Respect for the land, valuing the work of our farmers, charity projects and the promotion of culture and talent are central to our work and our decision-making.

Our collaboration with major universities, research centres and schools, and our sponsorship of cultural initiatives demonstrate Italpepe‘s commitment in contributing to our local area.

Research and Innovation

Thanks to the Vitaletti Academy and its team of experts, Italpepe can develop a dedicated project for every client.

We put ourselves on the line every day with a positive and proactive mindset. We establish numerous collaborations as we seek to constantly learn and build on our expertise. We believe that only through good communication can we achieve decision-making processes that are lean, efficient and effective. Good external communication is not possible without good internal communication: listening and exchanging ideas, both within the company and with our stakeholders, is the driver of our ongoing change and innovation.


The Vitaletti Academy is the outcome of this successful exchange: a centre that brings together, develops and summarises the contributions of all our best talent. The Academy’s ambitious aim is to become a benchmark in researching and spreading the culture of spices. This is the beating heart of our company: it studies and imagines the future, supporting our sales network and clients with research, data analysis and constant professional development.

Environmental Policy

Italpepe is deeply committed to the principle of sustainability in the management of its business.

Italpepe’s commitment to protect the environment is evident in the company’s meticulous management of the production process, in which environmental impact is minimised through precise and constant monitoring. The company implements effective and efficient recycling systems, rationalises paper use and uses energy from renewable sources.

Italpepe encourages awareness, involvement and responsibility among all staff and suppliers regarding sustainability, aiming to help spread a circular model of production and consumption.



The company’ leadership team has adopted an environmental policy based on the following strategic objectives:


  • Prevent, control and reduce the environmental impact of the production process and the associated risks for the community;
  • Raise awareness among employees, suppliers and consumers of the importance of preventing irreversible damage to our planet by adopting a thoughtful and sustainable model of consumption;
  • Make the production chain and distribution network sustainable;
  • Minimise consumption of energy from non-renewable sources;
  • Digitise company processes to reduce paper use;
  • Reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging;
  • As far as possible, adhere to the circular economy model: design and create packaging that’s recyclable or made with recycled materials, use recycled paper, metal water bottles instead of single-use plastic cups, separate and recycle all production waste, promote initiatives geared to the creative reuse of packaging.

    Community Projects

    Thanks to our flexible production model, Italpepe is able to develop innovative projects with our clients. We can work with major mass retailers to develop product lines that are better suited to consumer needs.

    Social and ethical sustainability are pillars of our approach to management. We firmly believe in the importance of investing in young people, in meritocracy, in the importance of ensuring a good work-life balance, and in building relations with workers and suppliers based on fair, equal remuneration. No business can aspire to stability and longevity if it doesn’t help to create wealth in its local area and community.


    We believe in the importance of investing in the improvement and development of the places where our raw materials originate and are cultivated. This is why we have established an ongoing and positive dialogue for mutual improvement with all our suppliers. We have expanded the products in the Organic Italy line by investing in Italian farmers, with whom we selected the best varieties of herbs and spices. We’re working to ensure our suppliers become partners who share in our journey of growth, innovation and constant research.



    Italpepe is committed to exploring two topics that are particular priorities: healthy diet and sustainable business management. To do this, we begin with primary and secondary schools.